Thursday, December 22, 2016

New House and Home

We moved last week! In fact, it's been two weeks since we got the keys to our new place. We are currently renting from another missionary family, which is a huge blessing in so many ways. We love our new place and are feeling at home there already, despite the remaining unpacked boxes.

The move has been a blessing in a myriad of ways, most of them unexpected. We decided to take the house just before the snow fell, and moved just after the ground was well-covered. Our nephew from Canada stopped here on his way home and helped move the bigger furniture. Friends from church, work, and the neighborhood showed up to help.  With their energy we were out of the old house and had the place cleaned up in record time. The work they did was a blessing, and the friendship and community it reflected was amazing.

We are settling into our new place and love the neighborhood already. The location is not where we were hoping to be, but we are finding that is much better than we anticipated. In fact, it is better than where we were looking.

Kaleb's papers are submitted and we pray that this application is approved without any more issues. He is busy these days with a Lego animation he is doing for a contest.

Kevin had a challenging but good tournament in California last week and this week he is working in Seattle. We're looking forward to having him home for a couple of days over Christmas.

As we think about where we are and what is happening we are blessed by what God is doing. We are amazed by the prayers that have been answered and thankful that He continues to answer. As we take a break from packing and unpacking to celebrate Christmas we are humbled and blessed once again by the reality of the incarnation. God Himself becoming man. Talk about a major move!

May your Christmas be full of the realities of Christ in us, the Hope of Glory. May we celebrate Him with abandon as we thankfully enjoy the gifts He gives-- family, friends, and material goods.