Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Good afternoon! We think we purchased tickets... I say "we think" because we haven't received a final itinerary from the travel agent yet. Our plan is to fly to Arizona on September 9th then continue to the Philippines September 21rst. I'll let you know if those plans change:).

These days we're still enjoying great times with many friends and supporters. Last Saturday we hosted a coffee for quite a few friends from church. Even though we'd invited a number of people I was rather expecting a small turn-out. After all, it was a long weekend! However, about 70 friends showed up and blessed us with their encouragement and interest in what God is doing in the Philippines. It was a great evening!

Kevin and Kaleb are in an evening badminton camp this week, which has been pretty fun for them so far. It's a lot of driving back and forth, but we've been able to do business in the city each day so far. We'll see if we finish our business before badminton finishes!