Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Grad 2016

It's that time again-- graduation! Here at Moody Aviation, students still have several weeks of class left, but graduation is combined with Biblical Studies, so events happened last weekend. It's amazing, really, to think what these graduates have accomplished over the past years and how many people have been a part of their journey. And their journey is only beginning, there are places and people and challenges and joys that God has uniquely prepared for them. What fun it has been to celebrate with them!

As this school year comes to a close, summer begins. Kaleb has been enjoying his internship with the studio and is almost done with school for the year. His bike track continues to grow as does the number of neighborhood kids involved. He is also growing as he closes in on 6 feet tall.

Kevin is home for summer and working construction with a  local company. He also has opportunity to run a badminton camp for Parks and Recreation, which he is looking forward to. Training continues to be a major investment as he makes plans to compete at the international level. Writing is his other pursuit.

Garry has had some super busy weeks lately. Currently he is busy with paperwork for some software, preparing for his visa interview, travel plans, and meetings. There are so many things going on, but I find once again that so many of "our stories" are not really ours to tell-- they belong to other people with whom we live them and we do not have the right to share them. Yet we are both blessed and challenged by them, privileged to be a part of so many amazing stories. May your story be amazing today!