Friday, September 30, 2011

Garry did, in fact, make it home yesterday morning! He had quite a crazy trip, so it's especially nice to have him home again. In the end, though, he was able to accomplish the things he went to Manila and northern Luzon to do. His license will still take a little while to come through, but now it's hopefully just a matter of time.

I drove up to meet him... a LONG drive at the moment because the road is so torn up. The boys stayed home and kept themselves busy riding bikes, cooking supper for us, and making some new things for their trials biking course. In fact, they even tidied up the house before we got home! Way to go, guys!

This morning we're preparing a space for a new puppy. He's a cute little guy and I'm sure he'll be a fun addition to our family:).

Another typhoon is supposed to hit the Philippines today. I think this one isn't supposed to be as bad, but coming so soon after the last one, it feels pretty major. The typhoons don't really affect us where we live in the mountains, but they can shut down a lot of the country.

We're looking forward to Mexican Night with Joel & Missy and Brian & Bailey this evening! Joel & Missy invited us all over to their place, and we'll each make something to add to dinner. It should be tons of fun, and yummy food!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In every cloud there's a silver lining. In Kody's death, friendship has been a HUGE silver lining. When I saw Kody lying on the driveway I called Bailey and she came over right away. She sat by me while I cried. She stayed when the vet took Kody away. She invited us over for dinner. She lent us a dog for the night. She texted to check on me around bedtime. In short, she was a good friend. An amazing friend. Last night we had dinner with a few friends, and I was again blessed by hugs and shows of sympathy. I was reminded that the people around us care about us-- we are so dependent on one another, and it is a truly beautiful thing.

Bailey said afterward that she didn't really DO anything. Thing is, I didn't need anything DONE-- it had basically already been done. I needed a friend to walk through the pain with me. I needed someone to sit with me, to care. I needed someone to simply be there, trite as that sounds. Thanks, Bailey!

For most of us, it is hard to just be there. We want to fix something, do something. But there is a gift in simply being there that can't be easily explained. Maybe the gift is that we mirror a part of God that promises to be with us through every moment, both the good and the bad.

Garry is still in Manila, though he's headed to Northern Luzon tomorrow. He took his English Proficiency test today and apparently passed. We're hoping he'll make it home on Friday morning!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Kody (our dog) ran out in front of a car today... she was playing in the front yard with Kaleb and chased a cat across the road apparently. Kevin and I were gone, but Kaleb came to get us. Kevin rushed home on the motorcycle and brought Kody in to the yard. She didn't look good and we called the vet. We sat beside her and petted her and cried. The vet confirmed our suspicions: she wouldn't survive. She's been a great dog, a great part of our family for almost 6 years now. We'll miss her. We already miss her.

Funny how one pain brings out another, how you cry for one loss, but really for many-- for the fact that we live in a fallen world where there is pain and suffering. For the suffering of others. For all the things in life that go wrong.

And while you cry, you long for something better. For a world that is promised to us, for a reality we're really going to. For eternity, which God Himself has set in our hearts.

Garry left for Manila this morning, and it didn't help much to deal with it alone with the boys. I'm so thankful for cell phones and that we can stay in touch anyway.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

So, I thought I'd just add a couple of funny photos of the boys from our time in Canada... due primarily to the fact that I haven't really taken any photos since we returned. Not that there haven't been photos to take-- the traffic here is incredible, the national highway to the city is a sight to behold, the number of people on the street at any given time is enlightening, and the buildings around town are interesting, to say the least. Still... I haven't taken those photos with a camera!

It's Thursday afternoon already, and the week has gone much better than my forecast on Monday morning, except for the fact that a nasty cold has gotten the better of me and pretty much stolen my voice. Silence isn't all bad, though... I'm enjoying some quiet time to work in my office. And there is a definite outline to my desk now as the pile of papers has gotten quite small!

Garry has done some more flying this week and also spent a lot of hours in the office. It's definite that he enjoys flying more than the office!

Kevin and Kaleb have been enjoying biking and doing school. I think we're all glad tomorrow is Friday and we have a weekend coming... hopefully!

And if you can tell me why my text no longer wraps by the photos, I'd love to know! Why is everybody forever trying to improve things about the time we learn to use them?!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Monday morning... it's a beautiful day here, though it looks like it might rain soon. We've finished school already and Garry is at the hangar flying with the guys. Kevin is heading off to do some biking and videoing with a friend of this afternoon and Kaleb is looking for more information on rubber band powered airplanes.

A normal morning, or so it seems. Yet it all feels a bit strange still... as though we just arrived home about a week ago Jet lag is still rearing its ugly head most afternoons, and we all feeling the multiple adjustments we've been through lately. Still, it is good to be home! It is good to at least have a norm that we are shooting to get back to. It is good to know that at this moment, we are in the perfect place. It is comforting to know that God Himself sees where we are and what we're going through.... which isn't to say that there isn't joy in the moment also. There is a deep sense of satisfaction at being involved with a great aviation team. There is joy to see our friends again. There is fulfillment in doing what we're called to do. There is purpose in being here, present in this moment in time at this place. And that is good!

I am still working through the piles of papers on my desk-- all those things I didn't attend to while I was busy enjoying being in Canada and the US with family and friends! I think I can see the outline of the bottom of the pile now, which is a good feeling.

Garry is working on the checkout process with Brian and Joel. It is exciting to see Joel & Missy preparing to take over the Mindanao program while Brian & Bailey are on furlough. Joel is doing a great job with the flying and they are learning the other parts of the program also. While we were gone an internet satellite was damaged and our missionaries are once again dependent on HF radios for communication... it feels like stepping back in time!

Friday, September 09, 2011

We're home! It is amazing to sleep in our own bed and move back into our own life, whatever that means. We arrived home with hearts full of great memories from the 7 weeks we were gone. Wow, a lot happened in that time. So much of it we shared with so many of you that I'm not sure how much I'll blog about our trip and all that God did during that time!

The beginning of the week we spent with our aviation team in Manila, minus Ben & Suzy who are on furlough:(. It was a great time to reconnect, to seek God together, and to discuss the aviation program here in the Philippines and some of the challenges and joys that are unique to our lives as pilot families. God has given us an amazing team!

Today Garry is doing some flying and the boys are I are getting ourselves settled. Actually, the boys are working on their bicycles at the moment. The inside of the car was very moldy, so we hope to clean that up today as well as put things away and restock the cupboards.