Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's Monday morning. Garry headed out to the airport this morning to do a 100-hour inspection on the airplane with the other two pilots. I think he's quite happy to get away from the computer and get his hands dirty for a few days!

After badminton yesterday Kevin's back started spasming, so he is taking it easy today. Likely his back issues have more to do with his long motorcycle ride than with badminton. I think he's probably listening to music and putting some pictures in his scrapbook. Kaleb was busy making a Star Wars Lego set when I left home, but that was while ago.

I am once more drinking good coffee and working on some office stuff. I had great plans of getting really caught up over school break... break is half gone and I'm not half done with what I wanted to do. But then again, sometimes things go more quickly than expected! (Don't ask my guys how long it's been since I under-planned a day.)

This morning started out rather interestingly as I got out the ingredients to make bread. Our cake yesterday tasted sort of "off" so I checked my flour. It reeked of mildew or some other such yuk! I was particularly disappointed since I bought 8 kg of this flour in the city last time we were there since the flour in town has consistently been quite full of bugs. My helper went to check in town where she says the flour is usually good, but unfortunately they're out of stock. No baking today!

The dog has been rather lethargic lately and Kaleb has been saying she has a lot of ticks. She has more than a lot! So many that I decided to get something stronger than the Frontline we bought last week. Unfortunately the two vets in town are both unavailable today. We'll see when they are back to work again.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Friday! School break! I am enjoying my day. The boys and I worked on a bit of cleaning in the house this morning then I had a great visit with a friend via Skype. Now I'm quickly blogging (you'll see how quickly!) before I head home to put some lunch on the table. This afternoon we hope to play some badminton and I'm thinking a fire would be lovely this evening.

Garry is working on his CFI renewal between other things, as are two of our other pilots. Must be the time of year that pilots get their instructor rating or something! He is really thankful for a great online course.

Kevin and Kaleb have been making great use of their time off school riding bikes, riding motorcycle, making Lego animation, and enjoying the lack of schedule.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some days you need binoculars to see clearly. Today's challenges may appear to have little meaning, and today's joy seems short-lived. I think the book of Revelation is meant to be our binoculars-- showing us that in the end we WIN! Reminding us that our God is worthy of PRAISE and HONOR and GLORY. Getting us back on track with the fact that what we choose to do or not do does affect eternity. Thank you, Jesus!

Kevin's friend Richard got back this weekend, and they are pretty excited to make the best possible use of both being off school this week. We couldn't believe all they'd discussed in their first half hour together! This morning Richard, Kevin, and Kaleb took Kody out for a run around the capitol grounds and all came back happily dirty.

This weekend we played a badminton tournament. It was a good time with friends doing something we all enjoy. Kevin did really well in his games and had several opportunities to live out his faith with some potential conflicts. Kevin made semi-finals in men's doubles, but none of us got a metal this tournament:).

Garry had breakfast with the other two Mindanao pilots this morning and enjoyed discussing some flight program things and laying out plans for the next few weeks. We are incredibly blessed to work with a group of people we enjoy as people and who are passionate about following Jesus!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Kaleb's 12 years old!

On Wednesday we celebrated Kaleb's 12th birthday! We made pancakes for breakfast then the boys went out on a long hike up a mountain close to town. They took a ton of pictures, but the camera was on the blink!

In the afternoon Kaleb and I decorated his cake together (that fun age!). He had decided to put a Lego man on his cake since he is into Lego animation these days. Kaleb chose meat pie for supper, as it's a family tradition to choose your birthday meal.

It was a very fun day!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's Monday and the beginning of our first week of school break... and it's started out wonderfully! I turned on some nice music this morning, mixed up some pie crust, made pancakes for breakfast, and read to the boys. After that Kevin got busy fixing things-- glueing his shoes and helmet and sewing his biking gloves. Kaleb put a few things away and then started looking through his books for his next project.

Garry was out this morning, planning some work-related stuff. As we continue to get new partners, his job continues to change. It seems sometimes that he has a million things he needs to do which all affect several people... it's a good place, but not always fun as he continues to evaluate how best to work himself out of a job!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

This afternoon we looked at stoves and I walked out of the store nearly in tears. Not because we won't get a really great stove, but because I was reminded in a small way of some of the crazy costs in our lives. I told Garry that we wouldn't want to spend too much on a stove, cause we'll probably only be here a couple more years. Plus, the space for the stove in our kitchen is quite small.

But the industrial quality stoves caught my attention-- big, heavy duty, and stainless steel. I ran my fingers over the top of one and thought that maybe when we settle down next time I could get a big stove, perfect for cooking LOTS like the boys eat! Which is when I realized that the time is soon coming when I won't be cooking for two growing boys. This stage doesn't last forever.

It also reminded me that we have spent most of our lives living temporarily at some level. I believe we're currently in house #23 in under 20 years. We owned a stove when we first got married, and I don't think we've owned one since, though I really can't remember. It made me sad to realize that our boys have moved an incredible number of times and don't have a sense of a place that is home. (Yes, they've had incredible privileges too, but that wasn't on my mind this afternoon!)

Suddenly a small voice said, "It will be worth it." Eternity will tell the story, and each story that is centered on faith will have great reward. I imagined God smiling. I thought of rewards that last and pain that doesn't. I smiled, wondering if God fits his mansions out with industrial quality stoves.

I left the store close to tears at one level and incredibly grateful at another, deeper level.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

We're done with school! Yippee! Actually, the boys are done and I need to clean up record-keeping and getting books and papers filed away. Still, the every day school routine is history for a month or more! It's quite nice to be finished... I may be even more excited than the boys are.

The anticipated emergency flight didn't happen this week. I guess the patient got better without going to another city, as he was released from the hospital yesterday.

I've been pondering living in the light of eternity this week. C.S. Lewis says something to the effect that if we aim for heaven we get the whole earth thrown in, but if we aim for the earth we don't get either heaven or earth! A lot of truth there. When we seek God and His plans, everything comes together in the best possible way. Not necessarily the easiest way, but the best way. But when we try to control things here on earth and make things work out to our liking we lose sight of God and usually find out we can't make things happen the way we wanted them to anyway. So, if given the choice between a win/win and a lose/lose, which would you choose?!

I'd tell you all about what we're doing with our aviation partners, but I found out that they read this blog sometimes... and they might not think as much of my post as I do! Just kidding, or "joke lang" as they say here. Let's just say that we work with an AWESOME group of pilot families who are all doing an amazing job.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Kevin, Kaleb, and I woke up with a nasty cold and aching bones. It wasn't a good feeling, but we pulled ourselves out of bed and got through breakfast. It was not til after breakfast that things started falling apart... what will we do about school? What school CAN you do? Did you do your chores? Do you need help with your chores? Should you take a nap now? Do you need Tylenol or will you be OK?... you know the routine of having sick kids and trying to get something done!

Garry was planning to help get the airplane fueled and ready for an emergency medical flight today, but the patient didn't get clearance to travel from his doctor here. Apparently the guys are on standby for tomorrow. Garry was glad for a day in the office and on the phone with different people, anyway, so it all worked out.

Yesterday Garry and I went to the city with Bailey, who was meeting Brian at the airport. He and Josh did an incredibly amount of work on the airplane in Palawan, and Josh was able to complete his scheduled flights both yesterday and today! Josh and Candy have been very, very busy for months already. The flight program there is getting used lots, which is an answer to prayer!

Joel and Missy are in their house! I'm looking forward to seeing it with their furniture settled where it goes... it's always fun to see your co-workers settle into a place of their own and begin a new life in a new place.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

It's Friday! Some weeks I have the same feeling I had in gradescool, pure elation for the end of the week and a weekend! This is one of those weeks, and I'm not sure why. Maybe because we've been doing some testing in school this week and our schedule has felt out of whack. Maybe because I've been slogging through some office stuff this week that I'm glad to be done with. Maybe because I am hoping to get my menu organized and some shopping done this weekend and I believe I'll feel more organized once that is done. I really have no clue, but I am VERY glad it's the last day of school for the week!

Garry headed out the the airport this morning to get some parts the guys in Palawan need. They are nearly finished with a 100-hour inspection despite the interruption of two emergency flights this week. Bailey will be glad to have Brian home on Sunday... and I am thankful that Garry didn't have to go this time.

Kevin helped Joel & Missy paint this week, which he really enjoyed. They are very thankful to have the house painted and are doing some other minor repairs now. Soon they'll be moving boxes and furniture and beginning to unpack! I can't say I envy them the process... but I am so thankful they are willing to do it to be part of what God is doing here in Mindanao!