Saturday, October 10, 2015

Supply Lines

In a war, the troops must be trained and supply lines must be maintained. I've been thinking lately that the same is true for us, in most areas of life. Everything we do takes resources, and those resources seldom appear on their own. 

Things that you pass on must first be learned, food that you cook must be purchased, vehicles need fuel and maintenance to keep running, and relationships take a certain amount of time to grow. Yet, sometimes we can get so focused on forward motion we lose sight of keeping the supply lines open, and we find ourselves in a bad spot.

Some of the most important supply lines are the invisible ones of prayer, worship, and time in the Word of God. These things change us and allow us to see and do what God is calling us to do. And they keep us focused on the things He has for us and save us from the distractions that want to capture our attention.

As good supply lines are built and maintained, we enjoy the increased return of our investments.


We've been reminded of this in various interactions this week as things we have been working toward are beginning to come together. 

Kaleb recently met another young guy who is also a believer and lives in our neighborhood. They've had fun hanging out and being teenagers. Kevin spent last week working with a construction crew in Tacoma, an interesting experience.

As we head into another week we are thankful for the supply lines God has given us and the investments over time that allow us to be here and be involved in this ministry. May you week also be blessed by your supply lines and the ones you provide for others!

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Truly seeing

Every week, every day, every moment has it's opportunities, the good works that God has prepared for that time and place. I've been hanging out in Psalms lately and have been impressed again with how often we are told to praise God, remember His works, and speak of what He has done. It's reminded me to look out for what God is doing, to pay attention to the opportunities, to thank Him for His work. And it's good medicine for my soul!

The past couple of weeks have been busy in a very fragmented way. When the days are invested in a multitude of things, it's sometimes hard to see progress. But when we consciously ask God what He is doing and the ability to perceive His work, things change. We begin to see. We enjoy. We appreciate. We praise Him.

Here are a few of the things I am thankful for right now:
  • It is amazing to be a part of mission aviation worldwide: we are investing in the next generation, and the people Garry is working with are thankful for the input He gives
  • Change in both Kevin and Kaleb as they grow and learn
  • Great times with family and friends are a gift from God: left to themselves, relationships easily deteriorate to a source of pain instead of joy
  • God gives wisdom as we ask Him for it, whether we need it in the large scope of ministry or the small things of plans for today
  • Health is truly a gift, from a day of feeling energetic to simply being able to walk
  • I've met a number of ladies recently who are passionate about God or just getting to know Him, and that is energizing
  • We are members of God's Body, and that is incredible
May you be blessed today by the blessings in your life, may we each have eyes to see what God is doing and both where He wants us to be involved and what is not ours to do.

Kevin recently posted a story about "seeing" on his new blog. Check it out here