Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday evening we had the amazing privilege of helping Garry's parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary! Brenda, they, and us shared a wonderful meal in the city (Winnipeg, for those of you who aren't "from here"), then we all went to their house for a little while.

Over the last week we've actually shared a number of meals with family and friends. My boys have tried some new dishes that they're making sure I get recipes for. They're also getting to know some other kids their age, which has been fun to see.

Last evening I was telling some of my friends about arriving in Canada... how overwhelming my first trip to the grocery store was, how I couldn't figure out what time it was when we arrived i LA on our way here, how long it took me to figure out where we live (I have NO sense of direction), and other funny things about readjusting to life on this side of the world. It reminded me that we actually have done a lot of adjusting-- we're feeling quite comfortable here most days, if only it would get a tad bit warmer!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last weekend we enjoyed coffee or a meal with several different people. Several people shared how they have been on a short-term work trip overseas and how it has impacted them. While we've been busy talking the boys have been honing their pool skills.

We finally had a new family picture taken the other day, so thought I'd post it here. Kevin has already passed me up in height and is working on catching up to Garry.

We are finally seeing things come together for our trip out east. We plan to leave Manitoba around May 10th and be gone for a couple of weeks. We are excited to see quite a few people and sad that we can't see everybody. This furlough has been so different than other times we've been home.... the age of our boys, our responsibilities that continue for the Philippines, and many other "little" things have made it impossible to travel as much as we have in the past. Yet in being more "local" here we are enjoying other wonderful benefits. It is just incredible to see God unfolding His plans for this time in North America!

This week Garry is back to working in the city some days. He's hoping to finish up the engine on the Bonanza in the next few days...though he may still be waiting for one part. The bathroom he's doing for his sister is actually looking like a bathroom also.

Yesterday the boys enjoyed some time with a cousin, climbing among their hay bales among other things. While Kevin had been there before this was Kaleb's first experience among the bales. He thought it was pretty amazing how high they'd climbed-- and pretty spooky to get back down!

Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Monday morning, so I thought maybe we'd all need a laugh. This is what Kaleb does with the clean dishes between taking them out of the dishwasher (yeah that we have one!) and putting them in the cupboard.

We've had a week full of seeing amazing people! It's been so much fun to hear what God is doing in the lives of our friends and in this community. It's also been fun to see our kids connecting with some different people and engaged in interesting conversations. Thanks to each of you who has been part of these weeks!

This afternoon we head to Winnipeg for yet another doctor's visit. We are so thankful to have found a travel doctor who is trained to help people like us who have lived overseas.

We are also thankful for a co-worker who is willing to take on some of our administrative responsibilities to free us for other things. It is amazing to see God using the gifts and abilities of each of His children for His glory.... an incredible gift to be a part of it!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring has sprung since my last post! We are enjoying the warmer temperatures and have been fascinated watching the drainage ditches filling with water. Of course, if there is flooding in the area it won't be fun, but for now it's just amazing to see all the water running!

Kevin and Kaleb had a rather ingenious idea for a raft, which they finally got to float today. Thanks to the extra weeks of cold weather they've had time to collect a LOT of empty bottles to float a pallet Garry picked up for them. This afternoon an older gentleman stopped by when they were playing in the ditches and told them that was the kind of fun he remembered having as a boy!

Another exciting thing that's happened since my last post is that we got a new computer! This little machine is quite a bit faster than our old computer and we are so thankful for it! However, most days I find out there's something I still don't know how to do. Today when I imported my pictures from my camera I realized there is a new program for that.