Thursday, August 26, 2010

"God is good. He is light: in Him there is no darkness at all! Those who trust in Him will not be ashamed." That's my mental mantra these days. I am in a battle of the mind, a battle to believe truth and act on it. To trust God when things don't make sense. To stay in peace when life feels really crazy.

This morning I woke up to a text that the garbage men had rejected my garbage after tearing open the bags. They said I didn't sort it properly. "No segregation, no collection," is a new thing here, and they sent out a list of how to separate your garbage. Unfortunately for me, it's in Tagalog, or maybe Visaya. I asked my helper to help me and I thought I had it figured out. Apparently not.

So, Kevin and I trooped to the road to collect our garbage and try to keep it from falling out of the bags on the way in. While walking in Kevin felt something on his hand, which he shook off. It was a scorpion, which I am thrilled didn't bite him!

I had a nice talk with both our parents this morning. The boys and I also got our stuff together to go to the city tomorrow to meet Garry and so the boys can play in a badminton tournament. Just after lunch Kevin got a call that the draws were posted, so we took a look. The boys weren't listed in 2 of the 3 categories they were to play! The organizers say it's just a mistake and they'll fix it. They also promised to send an updated schedule, which they haven't done yet.

After supper the credit card company called me back about the fraud, and they say we have no recourse, we're liable. Wow. Gulp. Stink. God gave us the idea of calling our headquarters, and the office there is going to check in to it a bit more. Thank you, Jesus.

Garry's still in Manila and has had a profitable and incredibly busy time there. I'm so glad he's coming home tomorrow! He has been able to get the information he needed and we've ordered the parts for the airplane. There's still a journey ahead, but we see progress.

It's really almost comical, all that's going on. It makes me laugh. And cry. Yet in the middle of it all I'm seeing a side of God that I miss when life goes along in a more "normal" way-- whatever normal is. So, in the end it's not just OK, it's good. We will see the glory of God from each of these situations... I'm counting on it!

Friday, August 20, 2010

So, not too long ago I was posting about faith. I remember posting that I wondered where all these thoughts would take us... well, we are catching a glimpse these days!

Garry and Brian have been planning a checkout flight for Brian to one of our locations, but it had to be delayed because of poor weather and the airstrip not being ready to land on. Finally on Thursday they took off for their flight. Bailey called me an hour and half later and said that while she'd heard them landing nearly an hour before she had never gotten confirmation that they were on the ground. With our poor radio propagation that was not a totally new thing. I told her we'd give them another hour then begin looking in to it-- I figured that if there had been an accident the guys would have found a way to contact us since there is cell phone signal about an hour hike from the airstrip (I wasn't sure how long the hike was, but I knew that as their only option to make contact).

Twenty minutes later I got a cell call from Garry who said, "We're fine!" He went on to tell me that they'd had an incident --- a prop strike --- and the airplane would need a new propeller before further flying. The guys secured the airplane and hiked out to the road where they got a "Skylab" (a motorcycle with boards attached to the sides of it so it can carry more cargo or people), then continued by bus, and eventually brought a taxi home, arriving home around 11 pm. Wow, God! It was a miracle they got out the same day. We're so thankful that only the prop was damaged!

Yet there are still huge implications for the flight program here. This morning we also learned about a huge issue with credit card fraud.

Apart from those two things.... Kevin is back on the court and playing badminton like himself. The toe did heal well, though the callous is still in the process of falling off. The skin underneath is understandably tender.

Kaleb is into making movies these days and has spent hours taking photos of Lego projects and creating animations from them. It's pretty cool to see what he comes up with!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Wow, thanks for all the comments on my last couple of posts. I really enjoying knowing that there are people out there actually READING my blog. Thanks, friends!

This morning Garry and Kevin are working on changing the shocks on the car. I think that's a job Garry will be happy to have finished, and they are enjoying doing it together. Kaleb was going to help too, but at the moment I don't think there's room for him.

Yesterday we watched a movie about the power of faith and obedience. It almost makes me wonder what's around the next corner in our lives! We do know that God leads us in good paths and that he is totally trustworthy. And we know that faith pleases Him...
faith that is based on the Word and character of God.

We buy our drinking water, and it's amazing how much we go through! The other day Kaleb decided to see how many empty bottles he could hold at one time...

With all the colds and flus we've been having recently we decided to try to eat more fruit for a while. Mangosteen is supposed to be incredible for your immune system (a rather interesting looking fruit, don't you think?), so we've been eating LOTS of them along with watermelon, bananas, and ponkan.

We are basically finished with school for the year-- yeah, that would be last year for most of you:)! The only thing still in process is Kevin's novel that he is doing the final edit on. I'm pretty proud of the boys... they've both done an excellent job! We are excited to have a few weeks off.

Kevin's toe is healing nicely, though not quite as quickly as the doctor had predicted. She said he's be playing badminton again by now, but he is still walking quite slowly. Some friends said maybe in another week he'll be back to normal.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Happy Tuesday! It's already Tuesday afternoon here, and we've had quite the beginning to our week. Yesterday in the early afternoon the guys were working in the yard and Kevin slipped on a sharp rock. To make a long story short, he is now the proud wearer of 3 stitches on the bottom of his big toe. We are so incredibly thankful for a great hospital here in town and for the good care they provide.

The other day Kaleb decided to measure Kevin to see if he's grown any. Apparently Kevin is slowing down-- no noticeable difference in the last month. Kaleb, however, is trying hard to catch up to his big brother and has gained a bit over the past month.

This morning early I got a text from my helper to say she's sick. Hopefully she gets to feeling better by tomorrow-- both for her sake and mine! The pile of dishes I'd saved was quite large, to say the least. After getting things a bit organized for the day Kevin and I sat down to breakfast (Kaleb was still sleeping!), only to find the cereal was spoiled. It's a dry mix I make with oatmeal, powdered milk, and chocolate drink mix. I mixed a large batch yesterday, and apparently the oatmeal was bad. Stink! On to option 2-- toast. Which I burnt. From there a day can only improve.

Tomorrow some of our friends are arriving in Malaybalay! We are so excited to have Dave & Abby and their 4 children back in town and on our team. We first met Dave & Abby when we came to Mindanao the first time in 2005 and always enjoy spending time with them. Their servant hearts are such a blessing on a support team!

The past couple of weeks we've been doing a lot of driving back and forth to Cagayan. We as an aviation program are selling an airplane to a man there and it's required several trips. Garry has really enjoyed meeting this gentleman and getting to know him a bit. The sale of the airplane is a HUGE blessing to us and an answer to many prayers as it means the helicopter for northern Luzon can now be shipped from McNeal to here. Yeah, God!

Kaleb continues to make and fly model airplanes-- this last one he designed himself. Amazingly, it flies. He's enjoying it.

Garry and I have been reading and thinking a lot about faith lately. Without faith it's impossible to please God, no matter how amazing our talents or abilities. No matter how clear God's leading in our lives, we won't see fruit for our investment if we don't continue in faith. Faith is a challenging, sobering, and exciting concept. And an even more exciting way to live!

The nature of our ministry and work here is changing as more pilots begin serving. Garry's job is progressively more management and training: it's less hands-on flying and maintenance. As we pass on what God has taught us, we see these new families starting out in a good place. It's so neat to see God's work, yet harder to share as it involves so many people's lives in a different way than when we were running a flight program ourselves.