Sunday, August 08, 2010

Wow, thanks for all the comments on my last couple of posts. I really enjoying knowing that there are people out there actually READING my blog. Thanks, friends!

This morning Garry and Kevin are working on changing the shocks on the car. I think that's a job Garry will be happy to have finished, and they are enjoying doing it together. Kaleb was going to help too, but at the moment I don't think there's room for him.

Yesterday we watched a movie about the power of faith and obedience. It almost makes me wonder what's around the next corner in our lives! We do know that God leads us in good paths and that he is totally trustworthy. And we know that faith pleases Him...
faith that is based on the Word and character of God.

We buy our drinking water, and it's amazing how much we go through! The other day Kaleb decided to see how many empty bottles he could hold at one time...

With all the colds and flus we've been having recently we decided to try to eat more fruit for a while. Mangosteen is supposed to be incredible for your immune system (a rather interesting looking fruit, don't you think?), so we've been eating LOTS of them along with watermelon, bananas, and ponkan.

We are basically finished with school for the year-- yeah, that would be last year for most of you:)! The only thing still in process is Kevin's novel that he is doing the final edit on. I'm pretty proud of the boys... they've both done an excellent job! We are excited to have a few weeks off.

Kevin's toe is healing nicely, though not quite as quickly as the doctor had predicted. She said he's be playing badminton again by now, but he is still walking quite slowly. Some friends said maybe in another week he'll be back to normal.


The Roundy 7 said...

Hope Kevin's toe gets better. Was he able to attempt any gardening this year?

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

Yes, he is gardening some. his herbs are doing the best. He has lots of tomatoes, but they are full of worms. we were told that we need to go to the agriculture center and get a special wasp that will eat the worms. but I think that has to be done when just planting the tomatoes.
you didn't have a garden this year, did you?