Friday, August 20, 2010

So, not too long ago I was posting about faith. I remember posting that I wondered where all these thoughts would take us... well, we are catching a glimpse these days!

Garry and Brian have been planning a checkout flight for Brian to one of our locations, but it had to be delayed because of poor weather and the airstrip not being ready to land on. Finally on Thursday they took off for their flight. Bailey called me an hour and half later and said that while she'd heard them landing nearly an hour before she had never gotten confirmation that they were on the ground. With our poor radio propagation that was not a totally new thing. I told her we'd give them another hour then begin looking in to it-- I figured that if there had been an accident the guys would have found a way to contact us since there is cell phone signal about an hour hike from the airstrip (I wasn't sure how long the hike was, but I knew that as their only option to make contact).

Twenty minutes later I got a cell call from Garry who said, "We're fine!" He went on to tell me that they'd had an incident --- a prop strike --- and the airplane would need a new propeller before further flying. The guys secured the airplane and hiked out to the road where they got a "Skylab" (a motorcycle with boards attached to the sides of it so it can carry more cargo or people), then continued by bus, and eventually brought a taxi home, arriving home around 11 pm. Wow, God! It was a miracle they got out the same day. We're so thankful that only the prop was damaged!

Yet there are still huge implications for the flight program here. This morning we also learned about a huge issue with credit card fraud.

Apart from those two things.... Kevin is back on the court and playing badminton like himself. The toe did heal well, though the callous is still in the process of falling off. The skin underneath is understandably tender.

Kaleb is into making movies these days and has spent hours taking photos of Lego projects and creating animations from them. It's pretty cool to see what he comes up with!

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