Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Travels and Camp

Two weeks ago today we were at home in Washington, packing our bags. Wednesday morning we hit the road, and it's been a bit of craziness and a lot of fun since then. On the way we stopped and met a couple of guys who were selling used bikes. It was standing in the sunshine in Banff chatting with an Aussie that I realized Kaleb is at "that point", the place where dirt jumping is serious and he's in it for the long haul. At the drive-in burger joint in Calgary we ordered a shake because Kevin had a great one there last year, and I was amazed at the parts of the country we have explored. Stopping beside the road in Saskatchewan I felt quite at home cramped in the front seat trying to get comfortable to sleep. And somewhere in the blurriness of dawn I realized that friends in Manitoba are some of my longest-time ones.

Our first days in Manitoba have been awesome. We enjoyed working at our church camp for a week, helping in the kitchen while Kaleb was a counsellor. We met new people and experienced a bit of camp for ourselves. (More about that in another post!).

Since getting "home" we've enjoyed many great conversations, too much good food, and many cups of coffee with family and friends. We've caught up with some of our family and a number of friends. We have been reminded both that we belong and that we don't. We have laughed and tried to hold back the tears. We have shared and listened.

In it all, we've been reminded that we are a Body, a team. Our lives are intertwined with so many, and we are blessed by that reality.