Friday, June 27, 2014


Change is usually a process.  Looking at the beginning and the end is rewarding, fulfilling, encouraging. But the process can be discouraging, overwhelming, and discouraging at times. Our humanness loves the product, the ending, the finale. And while we are "on the way" we often lose the journey in longing for the destination. And sometimes we journey to places that we find we'd rather not be, destinations we've chosen because of their allure and find that they are just illusions. Because in the end we want God, we need God, we long for God. But in this fallen world we try to fill those empty places in a  million ways.

And why I'm blogging change again, I'm not quite sure. It's simply on my mind.... we don't know of any bigger changes in store for us than moving to Washington in the fall (hopefully).

This is a boat loaded with relief goods for delivery in the Philippines. It looks pretty big... and pretty small compared to the size of the waves sometimes. Typhoon Haiyan was long ago in most of our memories, a large disaster halfway across the globe. But for those affected, daily life continues to be a challenge. A lot of aid has been delivered, many houses have been repaired, supply lines have been re-established in most places, and much good has been done for victims. However, for many daily life continues to be a struggle, an ever-present reality of need. The Gospel is coming in with continued aid and support. Pray with us for continued spiritual fruit, for courage and hope to overcome the losses and bring joy.

Also in the Philippines this week, the newly translated Southern Palawan New Testament is being presented. A church is receiving the Word of God in one book. A celebration of amazing proportion is taking place in a small village in southern Palawan. Amazing to consider. And from here, our prayers and praise mingle with theirs, one in heart and Spirit.

Meanwhile, we live in our great little house in Blumenort, doing life. Living as a family, loving God. Taking opportunities to be part of a family camp, a school classroom, a meal with friends, a conversation with a stranger at the grocery store. Excited about God, growth, and change. Blessed to be part of what He is doing right here, right now. (And yeah, maybe next time I'll blog about some of those things!)