Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Here and now...

Almost a week has passed since I last blogged. It isn't for lack of interesting things happening, though I haven't taken pictures, which does rather dampen my enthusiasm for blogging! I've been thinking this week that God is always at work, though sometimes we see it more clearly than other times. Our vision is so limited, our interpretation of things so skewed by our desire for comfort and tangible results. This morning I read a cool devotional that reminded me to pray that God would allow us to plant seeds, and that in His mercy He would bring about a great harvest. Yes, God.

Over the past week others have been planting seeds in our lives, and we have been planting seeds in theirs. May those seeds be good seed, the truth of God applied to our current situation. Quite honestly, it's hard to know how to proceed.... I'd love to tell you all exactly what the blessed people who have touched our lives did. Still, many of you live in the same community and know each other. It really isn't my place to share your identity and actions on the internet. So, let me just say that sometimes a meal is a  an act of love, undivided attention can be the greatest balm to a soul, and questions well-asked can help us bring the truth to bear on our own lives. Blessed. Truly blessed is what we are.

And next time I'll share more about what's up these days with the Safety Department and some of Garry's upcoming trips!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Garry in Grand Rapids

Today Garry is in Grand Rapids, Michigan checking out a program that could possibly help us in our quest for safety. He was pretty excited to see the program and talk to those who have used it to see if would be applicable to our operations. He was a bit disappointed that Dave had to leave unexpectedly on a flight yesterday. Knowing God knew about that flight all along and has a good a plan that will bear fruit for His kingdom as we follow is such a great place to be! So Garry spent yesterday looking over manuals and doing his best to digest what he read.

This morning the guys headed to the airport and they're busy discussing options and opportunities as Dave explains the program we're considering. I'm sure Garry is learning lots, but I guess I'll have to wait until he gets home around midnight to find out what it is!

Kevin and Kaleb are both busy studying. And I'm sitting here beside Kaleb while he does his math, enjoying "chatting" with you while he talks through simple algebra and other problems!

Since I haven't been taking many photos, I thought I'd share this one of a recent Lego animation set up Kaleb made.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Pleasant Valley EMC

On Sunday we enjoyed presenting at Pleasant Valley EMC! We were warmly welcomed and they seemed to engage with the story of what God has done in Menti in bringing new believers into His family! It was also good for us to recount the goodness and faithfulness of God in this story and in our lives personally. Darren & Pearl, the pastor family there, are long-time friends and we enjoyed spending a great dinner and lovely afternoon with them.

I was struck again yesterday by the fact that we are blessed when we tell the God-story of our lives, just as we are when we hear the God-stories of others. I imagine that is why God told the Israelites again and again to tell His story to their children and to one another!

The boys also played a a Junior Provincial badminton tournament this weekend, and did well. Kaleb got to the second round of singles & doubles. Kevin got a triple crown by winning singles, doubles, and mixed doubles in under 19.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Scheduling and Sanity

Sometimes, when you sit down to make a schedule, you're quite sure you're sane. However, when you work at implementing the schedule you feel quite sure you're certifiably insane! That's how this week has been for us... over Christmas we drew up a new schedule and have been working to implement it, but we are foiled at every turn! Unexpected illness, special opportunities, and surprising changes just seem to keep coming and keep us from feeling like we're doing a great job keeping our schedule. 

Strangely enough, today I feel like that schedule is a hammer that's beating me up. But I made the schedule! And more importantly, when I ponder the true priorities of life, the unexpected is bringing them to pass much better than my schedule could have! Illness has a way of working character and patience in us. Opportunities allow us to grow and change. And even the changes have brought a clarity to several things that's we've been praying through. So, in the end I guess the schedule was a bit of insanity.... which doesn't mean I'm quite ready to throw it out. To the contrary, I'll try again tomorrow. And Friday. Because there is something about trying that builds character too.

Last weekend we enjoyed being stuck at home by the snow, then worshipping at Blumenort church on Sunday. Sunday noon we were with family-- what a blessing! Sunday evening we had some friends over, our little "pizza group" that has pulled us into their hearts in great ways. 

Monday Garry started the day in the office, and he's been busy in there most of the week. He's looking forward to sharing in Pleasant Valley next Sunday and has been getting some photos and thoughts together for that. He's also been talking to various people about a safety system for the aviation department. And as a result of that he's headed to Grand Rapids next week for a couple of days. 

Monday Kaleb woke up with a terrible stomach ache which has taken some thinking and talking to figure out how to address. Kevin has been thinking through his badminton opportunities and making decisions regarding this semester and how busy he is going to be.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

First Blizzard in years!

So, we've survived our first Manitoba blizzard in years. It was a good blizzard, complete with 2 power outages, tons of snow, and lots of wind! We really did enjoy the storm... the quiet at home, the beauty of so much new snow, and the excitement of something we haven't done for a while!

Today the guys have been busy shovelling snow and I've been doing some clean-up inside and working on office stuff. Kevin had a long day of coaching in the city planned, and it was an unexpected blessing to all be home for the day:).

I think Garry's spent the majority of his week on the phone, discussing aviation safety options, programs, and opportunities. But he's seeing progress!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Surely not the 9th!

Surely it's not the 9th of January already! The days have zipped by,  leaving me in a bit of a blur as to where we are on the calendar. We are, however, getting back into our school and work routine.

In fact, Garry has a new office to use! The EM Conference staff have graciously offered him some office space. He's quite thankful to be working away from home as it makes it easier to focus... not that the other 3 of us are loud or anything during school:). He's been processing a lot of information in regards to a safety program and is ready to pursue some options. It will be interesting to see how God leads and what doors He opens as Garry pursues opportunities and information!

This little animation of Kaleb's makes me smile, so I thought I'd share it with you. He make it for THAC X, the 10th annual 24-hour animation contest.

May your day and week be blessed by your relationship with the God of the Universe! May your know His presence and the reality of living each moment with Him-- it's my prayer for myself today, this week, this year....

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2013. A new year, bringing new beginnings. Also giving us the opportunity to finish thing we started last year, or the year before. Somehow, though, the beginning of a new year feels mostly like a fresh slate, a new start!

What are you hoping to accomplish in 2013? What are your goals or plans for this new year? What are you trusting God for? What are you planning to invest your time and energy in this year?

My sole new year's resolution is to live simply enough that I have time, energy, and space to embrace the moments that make up life. The process of moving has seemed complex, and as we begin a new year I am hoping to simplify some things in our life at home. To get back to basics, to stick with the important things in life. To love the Lord my God with all my heart, mind, and soul and serve Him only. 

So, if you've got some ideas for simple living, share them with me! And I'd really love to hear what you are trusting God for this year!