Monday, January 21, 2013

Pleasant Valley EMC

On Sunday we enjoyed presenting at Pleasant Valley EMC! We were warmly welcomed and they seemed to engage with the story of what God has done in Menti in bringing new believers into His family! It was also good for us to recount the goodness and faithfulness of God in this story and in our lives personally. Darren & Pearl, the pastor family there, are long-time friends and we enjoyed spending a great dinner and lovely afternoon with them.

I was struck again yesterday by the fact that we are blessed when we tell the God-story of our lives, just as we are when we hear the God-stories of others. I imagine that is why God told the Israelites again and again to tell His story to their children and to one another!

The boys also played a a Junior Provincial badminton tournament this weekend, and did well. Kaleb got to the second round of singles & doubles. Kevin got a triple crown by winning singles, doubles, and mixed doubles in under 19.

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