Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Good evening! Garry was headed to Manila this morning, but his flight was cancelled due to bad weather. It has been raining here in Cagayan for 2 full days now, and I'm wondering if he'll be able to go tomorrow. Thankfully we have a nice place to stay. Actually, it was nice to have this unexpected day together to do some shopping for house stuff and just be together as a family.

He's going to Manila to turn in his paperwork for his pilot license... no, it isn't your imagination-- this time around getting his license back has been a lot of paperwork!

Today we got word from one of our missionaries that she is quite ill with fever, chills, and bad abdominal cramps. However, with the weather it isn't possible to have a flight now, so we're praying she'll get over it quickly.

Kevin's birthday is next week and I'm thinking we should do something about that... a little gift, a thought, something! I can hardly believe he'll be 15!

Kaleb is enjoying drawing again, particularly since he got some new drawing books.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Eleven weeks ago today we were in Manitoba, staying with Terry and Delores and enjoying our last couple of days with family and friends. The journey since then has been amazing! We are now basically settled into our new home, though there are a few boxes that still need unpacked and some spaces that need to be better organized.

Three weeks ago today we got keys to this house and signed the contract. At that time Kevin couldn't quite make it to the bathroom without a bit of help and steadying. Since then we have moved in, gotten internet connected, put fence around the house, had the downstairs painted, set up some makeshift desks, Garry has gone to Manila for meetings and continued to Palawan to get the airplane, flown the airplane to the local strip we will fly out of, had a checkride, gotten a neighborhood clearance (twice, since the first one wasn't right!), found a good helper, and started school. We are thankful that Kevin has also regained most of his strength-- at the end of last week he said he felt like himself, 3 weeks after he got dengue. Yes, it's been a crazy 3 weeks!

I was amazed when I unpacked our things from Palawan how musty everything smelled. It was rather awful! Everything had to be washed and/or aired in order to make it usable. I was also surprised when I opened our boxes from Canada-- they smelled just like our house there. Funny what smells do to a person.

Some particularly neat things have happened over the past weeks. When Garry went to Palawan to get the airplane we were praying for good weather for all the hours over the ocean. The day he flew to Mindanao the weather was beautiful and he could see for miles! The following day it began to rain and rained for several days straight. What perfect timing God had!

Ken, the SIL pilot who is doing some flying with Garry and who we are taking over from, called Garry last week and told him that they'd have to modify their flight plans because we are low on fuel and getting it delivered takes a while. Both guys were trying to figure out what they could cut out and still be safe and effective. However, that evening Ken got a call that because of an insurance issue the people whose hangar we use were shipping 20 drums of fuel here-- and we were welcome to use as much as we need!

Each day is an adventure-- a challenge and a great reward....

Thursday, November 05, 2009

The pictures of our new house are on the camera still, which is at the new house. So, they'll have to wait til next time. But, we love our new place and are settling in quite quickly. We're so thankful that it was partially furnished so we didn't need to buy everything to get set up.

Kevin ended up with a classic case of dengue fever. He is feeling much better now, but is still very weak. We're so thankful he is now able to sit up for a while and even walked around the house a little yesterday.

Kaleb is thrilled to be moving into our new house and is enjoying having his Lego to play with again. He's also been a big help, particularly with Kevin not able to do anything and needing lots of help also.