Monday, May 25, 2015

Grad, Goodbyes, and a Visit

This was a weekend of goodbyes for us as we attended Moody Aviation's graduation events and also said goodbye to Kevin. Goodbyes are always a bit bittersweet-- that they are bitter is sweet because it is a gift to have friends and family that you enjoy. 

Graduation events included a brunch, commissioning service, and dinner cruise.  Each of these events was a celebration of students and their accomplishment in completing a very challenging program. Graduates from Moody Aviation have invested countless hours over the course of 5 years to complete a BS in Mission Aviation. Graduates are pilots & mechanics or maintenance specialists, and many of them will go on to serve all over the world. We enjoyed hearing parts of their stories, seeing various ones receive special awards, and being part of these special events. As graduates head out to the next stage in their journey, we pray for clarity in where God wants them to serve and perseverance and faith as they continue the journey.

Kevin headed back to Manitoba this weekend, ready to get back to work and training as he prepares for the Canadian Open next month. He is currently in reserve, as there were many entries and he hasn't competed internationally yet. We are praying he gets into qualifying. We have enjoyed having him here, simply spending time together. The guys took me out for Mother's Day one day, which was super fun. We were also invited to a cabin on a nearby lake for a day, a cabin that includes a barn turned into a badminton court! We enjoyed spending time with some of the local players and making some memories.

This coming week promises to be exciting as well, as my parents are flying Kaleb and I to Pennsylvania. My dad is having surgery at the end of the week, and I am thankful I can be there during that time.  Besides the surgery, we plan to have a lot of fun and enjoy being together-- it's been over 2 years since our last visit! If things go as planned, we may be able to attend my niece's graduation and see my brothers and their families!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Family and Fun

Family and fun. It is really great fun to be together as a family, and we've been enjoying it. We've enjoyed meals together, gone mountain biking (ok, Kaleb did some awesome jump runs and the rest of us just rode), played badminton, shared terere in our living room, and worked at various projects. The history I talked about in my last post has come to bear as we've discussed the past and dreamed about the future for us as a family and for us as individuals. It is good, so good.

And yet in the midst of the fun and the good there is also pain. Last week ended with a fatal accident involving two pilots. These guys worked at Felts Field, close to Moody Aviation and were friends with various staff and students at Moody. Those who witnessed the accident were affected. The whole team was affected as we grieved and tried to understand. God's truth speaks into this, and we are so grateful. Grateful for the way each joy and sorrow is an opportunity to grow and learn and see God and one another in new ways. Pray with us for the families and friends of these men.

All over the world there is pain and tragedy, and where our lives have intersected with these places or people, we are affected. I suppose that is why we each have limited experience, because we simply could not bear to be personally invested in all the pain and joy in the world. Rather, we are given a community and place and time, and in these areas we invest and care deeply. And for those things that are outside of our knowledge or experience, God has given someone else the opportunity to invest and care deeply. 

It's back to the beauty of diversity and the function of the Body of Christ. Each of us appointed to a unique call, together accomplishing the eternal purposes of God. 

Saturday, May 09, 2015


History.  It gives us roots and depth. It proves that we can survive, and even thrive. At least, that is what history says to me today. This is the Spokane County Courthouse, and I love it! I love the history and the architecture. We walked by it last Sunday on our way to watch the Bloomsday Run, a local fun run that attracts nearly 50,000 participants (this in a city that is home to just over 210,000 people).

You can tell I've been thinking about Spokane this week... mostly due to the Spokane Leadership Prayer Breakfast we attended on Thursday. It was a real privilege to be part of this gathering on the National Day of Prayer, to gather with others who are passionate about God's ability to change us and change our communities and our city. We enjoyed meeting various people at the breakfast as well as being part of corporate prayers for the families, churches, businesses, and leaders of this city. Here, as in your town or city, God is doing something and we can be a part of it!

I have also been reminded of history as Kevin got home on Thursday afternoon! We have a rather unique family history and it is such a privilege to all be together again, enjoying conversations, memories, and a few traditions. And obviously NOT taking photos, since I don't have even one of us together! Today the guys are getting some "men time" while I take care of some office stuff.

History. We're making it today, leaving an imprint on our world. Let's leave a Godly one!

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Whirlwind week

Yup, a whirlwind in a lot of different ways. Kevin had the biggest week of all of us, playing an exhibition game against Peter Gade (former world #1) and making it to quarterfinals at Jr Nationals in both singles & doubles! We see God's hand in this is so many ways, even in the fact that Kevin is in the badminton world right now, living truth as he feels God would have him to do. And part of this journey has been you who showed up to show him support, to watch his games, to chat a few moments when possible-- to remind him of the people who are standing behind him in this unusual journey. At the top of this page is a link to another page where I chronicled the jr. nationals and exhibition journey a little as well as open letter to Gade, a reminder to myself of the value of dreams.

Here is a short video of one of Kevin and Gade's rallies lat night:

What we didn't know when Kevin was asked to play was that this would mean other opportunities-- hitting with Gade, Snider, and the other pro players, photo shoots with VIP ticket-holders, and a late dinner with Gade and the other players.

Here in Spokane we've also been on a bit of a whirlwind. The school year is coming to a close and end-of-year events are beginning. Yesterday Garry went white-water rafting with the graduating class and staff. It was a great connecting time, away from the office doing something fun. After the rafting trip we met at a home for a cookout with many staff and students. It was amazing how God allowed me to meet various people and opened conversations for all three of us.

This journey is never predictable, never boring, and seldom easy. And yet how rewarding to place the little bit that is our lives in God's strong hands and see him lead and multiply.