Saturday, May 09, 2015


History.  It gives us roots and depth. It proves that we can survive, and even thrive. At least, that is what history says to me today. This is the Spokane County Courthouse, and I love it! I love the history and the architecture. We walked by it last Sunday on our way to watch the Bloomsday Run, a local fun run that attracts nearly 50,000 participants (this in a city that is home to just over 210,000 people).

You can tell I've been thinking about Spokane this week... mostly due to the Spokane Leadership Prayer Breakfast we attended on Thursday. It was a real privilege to be part of this gathering on the National Day of Prayer, to gather with others who are passionate about God's ability to change us and change our communities and our city. We enjoyed meeting various people at the breakfast as well as being part of corporate prayers for the families, churches, businesses, and leaders of this city. Here, as in your town or city, God is doing something and we can be a part of it!

I have also been reminded of history as Kevin got home on Thursday afternoon! We have a rather unique family history and it is such a privilege to all be together again, enjoying conversations, memories, and a few traditions. And obviously NOT taking photos, since I don't have even one of us together! Today the guys are getting some "men time" while I take care of some office stuff.

History. We're making it today, leaving an imprint on our world. Let's leave a Godly one!

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