Thursday, May 29, 2014

Swirling Minds...

I just can't get over the change of seasons... and this year seems especially fast. One day it was frigid, the next quite comfortable (read, above 25 C). Things turned green in a matter of a couple of days. From a thick coat to shorts overnight. It's just..... strange, maybe? We're loving having picnics in the back yard, walking in the sunshine, and throwing a Frisbee in the grass. It's rejuvenating. It's fun.

Garry had a great time in Alberta, connecting with various people in mission aviation. The conference was both encouraging and helpful. He enjoyed getting more insight into where mission aviation at large is right now and what those in the community are thinking about and planning for. He was privileged and blessed by spending an evening with his aunt and uncle.... And this  is where I keep getting stuck! Stories that aren't ours to share, people other than ourselves whose lives intersect with ours in incredible ways. And yet it isn't our story. I can't pass it on. So I try to keep things general, but then the blog is.... blah!

The things swirling around my mind might make for interesting reading, but I think not. The schedules and plans and lack of plans and wondering and strategising are no doubt quite like your mind. Then there are the good conclusions, the grand truth of the Bible imprinted on our lives.... but it sounds trite when I pound it out on the keyboard. 

And so, I've just blogged about .... nothing. Which is why I've been putting it off. But alas, it can't be put off forever if I'm to keep my part of the blogging bargain by writing a blog. So, I'll keep pondering and wondering and sharing my ramblings and realities. And being thankful for an amazing group of people who get on here to check on us, to know how to pray for us, to be supportive of what God is doing in and through us. Thank you:)

Saturday, May 03, 2014


Garry's loving spring-- the smells, the melting snow, the full ditches. I, on the other hand, find it messy and a bit depressing. It's a matter of perspective: Garry grew up with spring, and to him, spring is a promise of summer. I didn't grow up with changing seasons, so spring is simply today-- muddy shoes and rainy days.

Life's rather like that, isn't it? Hope makes all the difference! If we know that today's efforts lead to something good tomorrow, we are content putting in the effort. If we are convinced we're making a difference, we gladly give it our all. On the other hand, if we feel like our efforts our futile, our work unappreciated, we quickly give up. It simply isn't worth it!

In some respects, all of life is the muddy spring of reality-- a precursor to a beautiful forever. All our troubles are light and momentary, all our efforts small, yet worthwhile. The sun shines some days, but the ditches are full and the roads are muddy. 

We've had some sunny days this week... weather wise and in life. We are excited about the relief efforts in the Philippines that we continue to be involved in. Houses are being built, boats are being built and others repaired, truth is spreading. Things with Moody Aviation are also moving along. This week we turned in another stack of papers in our quest for a US visa. In just over a week Garry is heading to Alberta to network and learn with other mission aviation organisations on behalf of Moody. Kevin has been at Jr Nationals this week in Vancouver, and he has had both fun and opportunities there. Kaleb enjoyed a bit of paid work this week and is excited about his many ventures in movie-making and biking.