Thursday, July 13, 2017


We had a great week at Eagle Lake Bible Camp this year. It was a privilege to serve with people from our home church and meeting some new people. We particularly loved working with Dad & Doris as well as Kaleb-- three generations of Barkmans serving together. It was a blessing to spend time every day teaching teens from the Word of God, discussing the Gospel and its implications for everyday life. I enjoyed some time helping in the kitchen and Garry joined the boys' swim time most afternoons. "Tuck" (mid afternoon snacks) were a highlight as we chatted with other staff and heard more of their stories.

It's  blessing to serve. Last week I talked with the girls at camp about the fact that the blessing is always in the assignment. We don't find God's blessing in the things we want or the things we feel pressured to do, but in following Him. He gives us gifts and enjoyment in the things He calls us to, and we are most blessed as we simply obey.

One of the things I love about God is that He calls us not only to serve, but also to rest. In busy, hectic seasons we know that as we continue to follow, He will refresh and give us rest at the perfect time. In the meantime He will give strength and grace for each day. And then, He gives us times of rest that are perfectly suited to us. He gives us time to worship and enjoy His presence. He does, in fact, give us everything we need for life and godliness!

Camp was a week of stories. Small stories and big stories. God working and people choosing to respond and others choosing not to. Opportunities taken and opportunities rejected. God calling and people responding. Teens finding God in new ways or understanding His promises in a new light. Staff finding His strength sufficient. Conflict and conflict resolution. It was good. And many of the stories that emerged were encouraging, though some of the stories were sharp prods to prayer. We loved the stories, both hearing stories and living parts of them. But the stories are not ours to share, so we won't say more about them.

Another unique thing about camp is living for a week in a close community that is relatively closed. Just over 100 people in a few cabins in the woods, eating, worshipping, learning, praying, swimming, playing, and living close together. It allows you a new insight into  people's hearts and dreams. The opportunity to model healthy ways of doing things is huge. It also gives you a new perspective on the people you know and what drives them. And these insights were encouraging and fresh, a reminder of how often God is at work even when we are not close enough to see it.

We are now in Ohio, but I'll have to write about that next time. For now, it's off to lunch and meetings. It's been good to spend a few moments with you....