Wednesday, October 08, 2014

"Not Now"

I find I'm often impatient. I think I know what should happen, and if it should happen, now seems a good time. I like resolution, I like forward motion. 

God, however, seems to value process in a way I don't. He lives outside of time, and I don't think time creates the same pressure to God that it does to me. At least, that's what I'm thinking today after not getting our visas yesterday. We drove to Pembina totally expecting that we'd come home with visas in the guys' passports. However, it didn't turn out that way. There were some issues with our paperwork. We were given some advice that we trust will prove helpful as we continue to pursue what God has for us in Spokane, Washington.
On another note, our time in Washington was very profitable. God worked out so very many things, and we came home excited to continue this journey to moving there. On our trip home we were able to spend some time with family in British Columbia and Alberta. What a blessing! 

Kevin came home a couple of weeks before we did, and it's been great to be together again. He continues to enjoy school, work, and training. Kaleb is back to trail building and animation and is thankful for his own bedroom after the weeks of travel. We're enjoying seeing a few people. We're also starting the packing process and trying to wrap our minds around all that needs done between now and when we leave for Washington.
We continue to be amazed at God and the way He works out the details of life.