Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Good evening! Garry was headed to Manila this morning, but his flight was cancelled due to bad weather. It has been raining here in Cagayan for 2 full days now, and I'm wondering if he'll be able to go tomorrow. Thankfully we have a nice place to stay. Actually, it was nice to have this unexpected day together to do some shopping for house stuff and just be together as a family.

He's going to Manila to turn in his paperwork for his pilot license... no, it isn't your imagination-- this time around getting his license back has been a lot of paperwork!

Today we got word from one of our missionaries that she is quite ill with fever, chills, and bad abdominal cramps. However, with the weather it isn't possible to have a flight now, so we're praying she'll get over it quickly.

Kevin's birthday is next week and I'm thinking we should do something about that... a little gift, a thought, something! I can hardly believe he'll be 15!

Kaleb is enjoying drawing again, particularly since he got some new drawing books.

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