Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Wow! What a beginning to this week! Garry and Paul have already been into all 5 of the airstrips that we regularly use here in Mindanao! We have had beautiful weather both yesterday and today, a huge answer to prayer. Wow, God!

Last time I posted Garry was in Manila getting his pilot license finished. What usually takes a few days and often a week was done in less than 2 hours. This was a direct answer to prayer-- thanks, God!

I don't know that much about today's flights yet, as Garry is still flying and I can't ask many questions on the radio. However, I do know that yesterday's checkout work went really, really well. All the guys seemed pleased with what they accomplished and how it went.

I've been enjoying catching up on some office work here at the guesthome where I'm using the radio. Bailey brought me lunch yesterday, which was a bonus. And both yesterday and today someone has made me coffee in the afternoon-- thanks, Gene! Yesterday morning started out rather stressful with my battery being totally dead and Garry's radio being off frequency. However, it's all worked out now and things are going well.

Yesterday I arrived home tired and with a splitting headache to find my house incredibly clean and the laundry all clean and dry and folded! I was so happy... particularly about the laundry since we've had loads of wet clothes for quite a while now.

I mentioned last week one of our tribal missionaries who was sick and couldn't even get a medical flight if necessary because of the weather. I'm thankful to report that she is feeling much better!

Well, Garry landed so I'm going home! it's always a good feeling to turn off the radio and listen to silence for a while:)!


Markus and Sarah said...

What an encouraging post to read! So cool to hear how God is answering prayers and also about the small blessings you've recieved from those around you (meals, coffee, clean house, DRY laundry, etc)!

Granny said...

This little lady Maycie must be amazing...already able to coordinate and cook at less than 3 years of age!! You go girl!!

Just kidding, it is so encouraging to hear that God is working aoud the world to make it possible to take the Gospel to the 'uttermost parts of the earth'!!

We are pleased to be able to pray for you!!!