Wednesday, December 02, 2009

All reports of yesterday's flights were good also... amazing how things are coming together. We spent a bit of time this morning getting organized for the guys to head north to check out the future helicopter hangar, finishing up some paperwork for Garry's aviation radio license, answering a few e-mails that he needed to take care of, and picking up some apples from town.

Paul and another one of missionaries here, Chris, joined us for lunch. The fridge was rather empty, so lunch was rather interesting. Kevin made awesome milkshakes, which cover over a multitude of missing items!

Now the guys are back at the hangar. I think they are working on a fuel system issue, but I'm not really sure at all. Hopefully it won't be a long afternoon since they hope to do a little more flying tomorrow and that always starts early.

I have really been enjoying having Bailey here. She's just fun and helpful. And Maycie is so terribly cute, to! Bailey's been doing a lot of the cooking and coordinating lately-- yeah!

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