Friday, December 04, 2009

Garry and Paul are up in the blue skies again today, doing one more check at one of our airstrips. The guys have spent a lot of hours on the fuel system problem over the past couple of days and they have things working well now. And no, he isn't drinking his coconut milk now, that was the other day!

This evening we all plan to have supper at Brian and Baileys-- I think she's making enchiladas and Spanish rice. Kevin says it's bound to be good cause they're from southern California!

Last week in the city the boys did some rock climbing at one of the sports stores. They had fun going up quite a few times as they could each climb for half and hour for less than $2! These photos are from my cell phone-- if any of you know why I have a white line down the middle of them, please let me know:)

Yesterday my helper told me she is only going to work until the end of the week, then she's quitting. Thankfully we were able to talk through some things and she is planning to stay now. It's hard to find good help, particularly someone you can trust, so I'm quite relieved.

These days Garry and I have been reading about the holiness of God and how we enter God's presence based on the blood of Jesus-- his forgiveness and cleansing. We've been struck again with how serious God is about sin-- how when we choose disobedience it separates us from Him and brings serious consequences. We've also been awed again by God's amazing provision-- that through His Son, Jesus, we can live in close fellowship with Him and actually know Him. Wow! May we each take advantage of the privilege that is ours!

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