Friday, December 11, 2009

Garry's home! We have spent the past couple of days working on projects and catching up on office work. It's been good to have fewer program responsibilities for a few days. Garry and the boys are working outside, setting up a bit of a shop and making a desk for Garry.

I thought you might like this photo from our travels this fall... the boys and a pile of our junk. At least, when you've packed it so many times and carted it so many places it feels like junk!

I went to the open market this morning and I really have to take pictures. This town has beautiful, fresh produce! It's rather like a farmer's market at home, and I love seeing all the fresh stuff and bringing home bags full for a small price. I was particularly glad to see fresh pineapple this morning since I'm just hungry for some. Kevin makes awesome fruit shakes which we've been enjoying in abundance. The broccoli was also really nice this morning.

Tomorrow we're going to celebrate Kevin's birthday! I know, it was December 1rst, but that wasn't very convenient with company and checkout flying, so we just decided to wait. He wants to eat pork chops for dinner and have chocolate cake with cream cheese filling. I found the pork chops (they have great pork in this country too) and the cake is baking while I blog. so, hopefully he has a special day remembering that's he's now 15 years old!

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