Monday, December 28, 2009

We trust you had a wonderful Christmas. We did! We really enjoyed a couple of quiet days at home, lunch out with friends, and a bigger gathering at the guesthome for Christmas dinner. It's been wonderful!

Between celebrating we've had a few interesting moments. Kids love to come carol here, and we've had quite a few at our door. Kevin and Kaleb have enjoyed passing out candy to them and seeing their smiles.

Our spectic tank overflowed on Christmas Eve and people came and pumped it Christmas Day. They didn't seem to mind working that day, and we were VERY happy to have the septic tank empty!

Our field conference starts next Monday, but we won't be able to attend this year. We are sad to miss the fellowship, but are praying it will be a wonderful time for everyone who is there. There will be good teaching as well as updates on what is going on at different places on the field.

Last Tuesday we had a meeting with our co-workers from this island. We really enjoyed updates from several of our tribal locations. One report was from James & Kathleen. They are in an incredibly difficult situation with people who are in bondage to a local group and are not very interested in the Gospel. Pray with us for a breakthrough in this location. Pray also for James and Kathleen that God would give them encouragement and refreshment while they out of their location for several weeks.

Tomorrow the boys plan to join a badminton tournament. We are hoping it goes well!

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