Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Good morning... or evening there! It's a beautiful morning here. Garry and Kevin are off to the hangar this morning, getting things together for next week. Things are looking much better at the hangar and we're looking forward to flying our missionaries back into their tribal locations next week. Here is the fuel we purchased a few weeks ago-- enough for a long while of flying!

Over the holidays we've enjoyed getting some things settled in our house as well as normal Christmas things. Kaleb was particularly excited about decorating sugar cookies, so we made a big batch. We each seem to have our favorite Christmas cookie or square, so I did a fair amount of baking. The truth is, I just love the baking part!

The guys also got the shop set up outside and their tools organized. Now they can use them to make some shelves and do other projects. We have also gotten our antennae up so I can do radio from our house, which is a huge blessing! It is about 50 feet in the air, so that was a bit of a process.

I've also been wanting to share some of what we heard a few weeks ago about our tribal works. Jason shared how the Tala-Andig believers have planned their work week: work 4 days in order to allow 3 days to focus on spiritual things. Those days they have different meetings and praise times. In recent months the people have begun writing their own praise songs and they have a session where they teach songs to the congregation. Because they want the songs to be meaningful they are writing them to convey the truths presented in the teaching-- one song per lesson. As even unbelievers love to sing, this is a great way to present truth as well as remember it! The local church there is also reaching out, doing different teaching outreaches as well as discipleship. What a joy to hear of their growth! Jason and Shirley have finished translating the New Testament and now are working on the Old Testament. Jason told how having the New Testament complete is changing people's lives as they are spending time in the Word.

What a privilege to be a part of God's work here!

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