Thursday, January 14, 2010

I thought I'd send a quick update on some of the things Garry saw and experienced in the tribal location.

It was amazing to him to see all the materials this missionary team has produced over the years-- information in scroll form for teaching, books, kids books, comic books. The materials in their church library area all laminated and many are bound with an aluminum binding so they can withstand the humidity and travel required to be useful. So many of their books were carefully laid out for those of the tribal people who aren't quite literate-- colors with meaning and other various things.

These girls are coloring the scrolls-- a labor of love for another tribal group's teachers. This church has also bound Bibles for another indigenous church.

One evening some of the believers made dinner for the visitors. They served in on banana leaves and in bowls and expressed how thankful they were to the missionaries for telling them the Gospel, which has dramatically changed their lives. They also recounted how in years past they would have been so embarrassed to feed foreigners their "poor food", but now they understand that in Christ we are all equal and they just counted it a privilege to share.

After dinner the ladies sang a few songs with beautiful harmony. Yes, Garry and the others were incredibly blessed and encouraged by these brothers who are passionate about knowing and loving God-- brothers and sisters with the same heart we have!

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