Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Tuesday here! This week has been a bit different than we expected already, primarily because we are waiting on parts to get our airplane back in the air. We have a fuel system issue and need parts. Our guys in Arizona are doing everything they can to speed up the process, but some things cannot be rushed. Hopefully by the beginning of next week we'll have the parts and will soon be flying!

We are thankful that SIL is still here this month and are doing some flights for us. Most of our missionaries are back in their locations, hard at work with translation, lesson preparation, and teaching. We pray that the Church would continue to grow in each of our locations here as well as around the world!

Since Garry can't fly he's been catching up on office stuff... seems I've said that before. It really is amazing how much office work a flight program creates! Brian has been helping him get his computer set up.

The boys are on week#4 of school for this quarter and are enjoying it, most days. Kevin has also planted his garden-- pinto beans, green beans, and cucumbers for now. He actually planted some bell peppers, but they didn't come up.

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