Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Garry did make it to this destination on Monday. He spent the night to help the missionaries with their electrcial system. Part of it is working now, but it sounds like the rest still isn't functioning properly.

Yesterday they did some more work on the electricity, but Garry was there primarily to wait for the weather. I spent the day between the radio, running outside to look at the sky, and communicating regarding the weather with different people on Skype. There were also a few things to arrange at this end, errands that had to be done yesterday that a friend of ours did because I couldn't leave the house.

This morning (Wednesday) I was so encouraged to see blue skies when I woke up! Garry sent a message that their weather also looked beautiful, so he would plan to take off at 7:30. They got into the airplane before the rain started. It started as a drizzle, but now it's raining hard. His passengers have a flight to Manila tomorrow to catch an international flight this weekend. If they can't take off by noon they'll likely have to hike and take a bus-- a long, hard ordeal.

The boys and I are working on school between dealing with the flight stuff. There are also meals to think of and minor things like that, so I've been doing a lot of running up and down stairs!

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