Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unfortunately, the parts still have not arrived. In fact, I don't believe they've left Arizona yet. Please keep praying!

Garry and the boys are at the hangar today, getting Garry's toolbox set up. Because we are using someone else's hangar Garry wanted to be able to lock his toolbox securely before he took it out there. He got that worked out this week and now is delivering it and an engine hoist to the hangar. The engine hoist is in preparation for installing the new parts when they arrive.

At home we've had a somewhat uneventful week. My Tuesday started out rather interestingly as I was reading e-mail and felt something furry under my foot. When I realized that was fur I quickly moved my foot and watched in horror as a little shrew ran away. Yuk! Actually, I did react very out of proportion to simple critter being under my foot.

Yesterday I had a rather nasty headache most of the day and was sitting here wondering what to do about supper when Bailey texted and offered to bring something. Wow! Now that's a wonderful co-worker. She and Brian delivered a great meal and the guys cleaned up after we'd eaten. Very nice, let me tell you!

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