Thursday, November 05, 2009

The pictures of our new house are on the camera still, which is at the new house. So, they'll have to wait til next time. But, we love our new place and are settling in quite quickly. We're so thankful that it was partially furnished so we didn't need to buy everything to get set up.

Kevin ended up with a classic case of dengue fever. He is feeling much better now, but is still very weak. We're so thankful he is now able to sit up for a while and even walked around the house a little yesterday.

Kaleb is thrilled to be moving into our new house and is enjoying having his Lego to play with again. He's also been a big help, particularly with Kevin not able to do anything and needing lots of help also.


Jonathan said...

So sorry to hear that Kevin had Dengue fever. Glad he is feeling better.

Barry and Norine Plett said...

it was good to check up on you and hear from you---

Hope you settle in nicely and Kevin improves quickly!
That is not fun to atart out in a new place feeling lousy!

Blessings to you today!