Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Here and now...

Almost a week has passed since I last blogged. It isn't for lack of interesting things happening, though I haven't taken pictures, which does rather dampen my enthusiasm for blogging! I've been thinking this week that God is always at work, though sometimes we see it more clearly than other times. Our vision is so limited, our interpretation of things so skewed by our desire for comfort and tangible results. This morning I read a cool devotional that reminded me to pray that God would allow us to plant seeds, and that in His mercy He would bring about a great harvest. Yes, God.

Over the past week others have been planting seeds in our lives, and we have been planting seeds in theirs. May those seeds be good seed, the truth of God applied to our current situation. Quite honestly, it's hard to know how to proceed.... I'd love to tell you all exactly what the blessed people who have touched our lives did. Still, many of you live in the same community and know each other. It really isn't my place to share your identity and actions on the internet. So, let me just say that sometimes a meal is a  an act of love, undivided attention can be the greatest balm to a soul, and questions well-asked can help us bring the truth to bear on our own lives. Blessed. Truly blessed is what we are.

And next time I'll share more about what's up these days with the Safety Department and some of Garry's upcoming trips!

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