Monday, February 04, 2013

Warm for a week

Garry's getting warm this week-- at least he should be in southern Arizona! On the other hand, maybe he'll be too busy to enjoy the warmth very much. This morning the Aviation Standards Committee is beginning a week of meetings. Their goal is to hash out some of the realities facing us as an aviation organization and how those realities relate to our daily operations and setting standards. They hope to come to some helpful conclusions regarding how to best help us as an organisation be both safe and effective. As a group they bring a lot of experience and expertise in mission aviation: it's really neat to be able to work with a group of highly qualified people!

The weekend was a bit chaotic with MissionFest, Garry leaving, multiple trips to the city, and a badminton tournament in Steinbach. People. Opportunities. Challenges. Good things, growing things!

I had an interesting conversation lately regarding culture and our desire to "fit in". As we discussed culture, I realized my friend thought I was competing with the proverbial Joneses to be a part of life in this community. My thoughts had more to do with not alienating the people around me, with interacting in such a way that we can be effective in this community. Alas, even when we think we're communicating we often find that what we think we're saying has nothing to do with what we're actually communicating. Which is why relationships are a process, I suppose!

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