Thursday, February 28, 2013

Frost & Faith

Just before Garry left on Sunday we went for a quick drive. Despite all the traveling we do and have done, we love to drive because it gives us time to talk and we enjoy the beauty around us. Since we've arrived in Canada the beauty is different, and Sunday morning it was amazing-- a world covered in frost, glittering in the morning sun. 

I love the hoarfrost, not only cause it's beautiful but because it happens so rarely (at least in my limited winter experience). It  can only grow into something beautiful at the perfect temperature. Faith, too, needs a combination of heat and cold to grow and become beautiful. The heat of God's presence produces a distinct kind of beauty when it follows the chill of struggle and pain.

Garry is enjoying his time-- meeting lots of people, having interesting conversations, and learning lots. It will be interesting to see how it all comes together into a story that makes sense. For now, there are lots of things happening and many pieces being put on the table.

Kevin has been doing more driving lately and getting more comfortable running around by himself. Kaleb has had fun opportunities to skate a bit, try some hockey, and check out curling. It seems the new adventures never end!

For my part I've been teaching school, cooking, catching up on some office stuff, and enjoying some bits of time with friends. 

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