Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Flight program fun

Good morning! This is one of the things Garry has been doing-- enjoying a ride in the helicopter in PNG! He went on a flight early this week to pick up a missionary family who works in a remote location. And come to find out, the family is related to friends of our in Manitoba! How small the world is!

Garry has actually spent the last several days riding around to different places in PNG, visiting with pilot families, seeing the terrain, and watching how the pilots operate. These have been cool opportunities to connect, learn, and encourage. We appreciate your continued prayers that we would be a blessing to the PNG flight program as Garry spends his last couple of days there before heading home.

On this end I've been thinking through some of the challenges of blogging. Honesty and privacy, the reality of blogging about a life so many of you share in. The challenges of sharing what God is doing when many of those stories as not mine to share. Our ministry over the past few years has moved into more and more ministry to missionary pilot families, and the realities, blessings, and challenges of those interactions are very different than the ones we faced when we were personally running a flight program.

Moving back to Canada has once more diminished the things I am free to share-- after all, many of you live in this community and know one another. The cultural and life challenges we face cease to be interesting when they are so similar to the ones faced by those who read my blog. The everyday opportunities of life are not as easy to share either. The teenager who wanted to tell me about a job he'd found. A new family we connected with that has blessed us by their honesty and interest. An e-mail I received that encouraged me to keep on keeping on. Life questions that we have been able to work through with people. The opportunities we have to share about missionary life in many informal setting and the ways we are attempting to bring the Gospel to bear on the circle of influence that God has given us. The challenges we as a mission aviation team are facing as we seek to adjust to a changing world that we don't always understand.

So, as I ponder these things I wonder if the time for blogging has passed, and I ask myself if I simply need to focus on different things than I have. I'm pretty confident that I know One who has the answers, and I look forward to hearing them and moving on accordingly. Until then, thanks for sharing this journey with me, with us!

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