Friday, February 22, 2013

To the Tropics...

Garry is headed back to the tropics again tomorrow.... Papua New Guinea this time! We are excited about what God has in mind for his time there. He is going to learn what he can about NTM's flight program there and see how we can help and encourage the aviation team there. We do know that the flight program there is a busy one, and is currently under-staffed. We know the challenges and opportunities this program faces are as unique as the country, and we're excited that God is allowing us this opportunity to get involved, at least a little.

While Garry's gone the boys and I will continue normal life here in Manitoba. Pray for us as we are separated, that God would grant each of us grace & wisdom to be involved in exactly what He has for us. Pray that we would minister from His fullness in our own lives as we continue to seek Him.

Yesterday we spent several hours in the city doing errands and playing badminton. Sometimes the routines of life seem like a waste of time, but yesterday we were encouraged again that it is within this context that we have opportunities to minister. Whether we live in a foreign country or our passport country, it's the same. As we ask God for opportunities to bless and encourage, He gives them. As we bring His truth to bear on our own lives and seek to do the same in our interactions with others, He gives us opportunities to plant seeds of truth.

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