Thursday, January 24, 2013

Garry in Grand Rapids

Today Garry is in Grand Rapids, Michigan checking out a program that could possibly help us in our quest for safety. He was pretty excited to see the program and talk to those who have used it to see if would be applicable to our operations. He was a bit disappointed that Dave had to leave unexpectedly on a flight yesterday. Knowing God knew about that flight all along and has a good a plan that will bear fruit for His kingdom as we follow is such a great place to be! So Garry spent yesterday looking over manuals and doing his best to digest what he read.

This morning the guys headed to the airport and they're busy discussing options and opportunities as Dave explains the program we're considering. I'm sure Garry is learning lots, but I guess I'll have to wait until he gets home around midnight to find out what it is!

Kevin and Kaleb are both busy studying. And I'm sitting here beside Kaleb while he does his math, enjoying "chatting" with you while he talks through simple algebra and other problems!

Since I haven't been taking many photos, I thought I'd share this one of a recent Lego animation set up Kaleb made.

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