Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday evening we had the amazing privilege of helping Garry's parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary! Brenda, they, and us shared a wonderful meal in the city (Winnipeg, for those of you who aren't "from here"), then we all went to their house for a little while.

Over the last week we've actually shared a number of meals with family and friends. My boys have tried some new dishes that they're making sure I get recipes for. They're also getting to know some other kids their age, which has been fun to see.

Last evening I was telling some of my friends about arriving in Canada... how overwhelming my first trip to the grocery store was, how I couldn't figure out what time it was when we arrived i LA on our way here, how long it took me to figure out where we live (I have NO sense of direction), and other funny things about readjusting to life on this side of the world. It reminded me that we actually have done a lot of adjusting-- we're feeling quite comfortable here most days, if only it would get a tad bit warmer!

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Markus and Sarah said...

You look wonderful Cynthia! I love keeping up with your family on here. :-)