Monday, May 04, 2009

Wow, another Monday! This morning I've been working on getting a bit organized for our trip next week. We are looking forward to seeing quite a few of you! A few loads of laundry and some time in the office have filled up the morning quite nicely.

Kaleb and his friends set up quite an elaborate train track the other evening.

Kevin is at Garry's parents helping trim some bushes and Kaleb is busy with paper airplanes... more and more and more of them! We will be trying to do a bit more school this week, but today it's nice to do some other things. Garry is packing up his pilot helmet to ship away to be refurbished-- it's amazing what the tropics can do to leather in a relatively short time!

Here are Kevin and some of his friends with parts of their amazing knife and gun collections.

Saturday evening we enjoyed a prayer and worship service at our church. We loved getting together with a smaller group to worship God and spend time in prayer. We were blessed and encouraged by our brothers and sisters.

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