Monday, May 18, 2009

We had a great beginning to our trip! Monday we enjoyed Dad's wonderful German pancakes before packing up and heading south. It was fun to spend the morning together. Then we picked up a slurpee on our way and started driving.

We stayed on smaller roads for quite some time because there wasn't a good way across the Red River. This was a blessing because it meant we got to stop at a lovely park in North Dakota.

We drove through the night and arrived at Patrick and Mary's late in the afternoon on Tuesday. They are lovely hosts and we enjoyed our time with them. The boys got a big bag of wonderful, appropriate gifts that they'll enjoy for the rest of the trip and when we get home! Mary had arranged a coffee with some of the ladies from church and it was neat to meet some new people and see some friends we'd made before.

Now we're at my parents' house in Pennyslvania. My dad is still trying to recover from a bug, and likely pneumonia, that he picked up somewhere. However, it's great to see my parents, my gram, and other friends in the area.

We're looking forward to spending time with friends from Puzzletown Road Bible Church as well!

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