Friday, June 17, 2011

Kaleb's 12 years old!

On Wednesday we celebrated Kaleb's 12th birthday! We made pancakes for breakfast then the boys went out on a long hike up a mountain close to town. They took a ton of pictures, but the camera was on the blink!

In the afternoon Kaleb and I decorated his cake together (that fun age!). He had decided to put a Lego man on his cake since he is into Lego animation these days. Kaleb chose meat pie for supper, as it's a family tradition to choose your birthday meal.

It was a very fun day!


The Røsviks said...

Happy birthday Kaleb! Levi said to tell you that he really likes your cake and wants to make one just like it for his 7th birthday in September. :-)

Patrick said...

Happy Birthday Kaleb. You look like you are getting taller, must be the cake. :)

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

Thanks, Sara! Kaleb has fond memories of Levi-- my boys say he's "cool" in case he wondered!

Patrick, thanks for that. I think it's the cake... so he can only eat a slice once a year on his birthday! We'll try that for this year and see if it slows down the growing!