Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Kevin, Kaleb, and I woke up with a nasty cold and aching bones. It wasn't a good feeling, but we pulled ourselves out of bed and got through breakfast. It was not til after breakfast that things started falling apart... what will we do about school? What school CAN you do? Did you do your chores? Do you need help with your chores? Should you take a nap now? Do you need Tylenol or will you be OK?... you know the routine of having sick kids and trying to get something done!

Garry was planning to help get the airplane fueled and ready for an emergency medical flight today, but the patient didn't get clearance to travel from his doctor here. Apparently the guys are on standby for tomorrow. Garry was glad for a day in the office and on the phone with different people, anyway, so it all worked out.

Yesterday Garry and I went to the city with Bailey, who was meeting Brian at the airport. He and Josh did an incredibly amount of work on the airplane in Palawan, and Josh was able to complete his scheduled flights both yesterday and today! Josh and Candy have been very, very busy for months already. The flight program there is getting used lots, which is an answer to prayer!

Joel and Missy are in their house! I'm looking forward to seeing it with their furniture settled where it goes... it's always fun to see your co-workers settle into a place of their own and begin a new life in a new place.

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