Saturday, June 11, 2011

This afternoon we looked at stoves and I walked out of the store nearly in tears. Not because we won't get a really great stove, but because I was reminded in a small way of some of the crazy costs in our lives. I told Garry that we wouldn't want to spend too much on a stove, cause we'll probably only be here a couple more years. Plus, the space for the stove in our kitchen is quite small.

But the industrial quality stoves caught my attention-- big, heavy duty, and stainless steel. I ran my fingers over the top of one and thought that maybe when we settle down next time I could get a big stove, perfect for cooking LOTS like the boys eat! Which is when I realized that the time is soon coming when I won't be cooking for two growing boys. This stage doesn't last forever.

It also reminded me that we have spent most of our lives living temporarily at some level. I believe we're currently in house #23 in under 20 years. We owned a stove when we first got married, and I don't think we've owned one since, though I really can't remember. It made me sad to realize that our boys have moved an incredible number of times and don't have a sense of a place that is home. (Yes, they've had incredible privileges too, but that wasn't on my mind this afternoon!)

Suddenly a small voice said, "It will be worth it." Eternity will tell the story, and each story that is centered on faith will have great reward. I imagined God smiling. I thought of rewards that last and pain that doesn't. I smiled, wondering if God fits his mansions out with industrial quality stoves.

I left the store close to tears at one level and incredibly grateful at another, deeper level.

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The Røsviks said...

I loved this post, Cynthia. It struck a deep chord in me as I experienced similar emotions the other day while shopping for salt and pepper shakers. (I left the store empty-handed. I figured that if we've lasted the last 10 months without them, we can surely last another couple of months until we know for sure where we will be after this summer.) Thank you for sharing your heart and being an encouragement to me.