Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some days you need binoculars to see clearly. Today's challenges may appear to have little meaning, and today's joy seems short-lived. I think the book of Revelation is meant to be our binoculars-- showing us that in the end we WIN! Reminding us that our God is worthy of PRAISE and HONOR and GLORY. Getting us back on track with the fact that what we choose to do or not do does affect eternity. Thank you, Jesus!

Kevin's friend Richard got back this weekend, and they are pretty excited to make the best possible use of both being off school this week. We couldn't believe all they'd discussed in their first half hour together! This morning Richard, Kevin, and Kaleb took Kody out for a run around the capitol grounds and all came back happily dirty.

This weekend we played a badminton tournament. It was a good time with friends doing something we all enjoy. Kevin did really well in his games and had several opportunities to live out his faith with some potential conflicts. Kevin made semi-finals in men's doubles, but none of us got a metal this tournament:).

Garry had breakfast with the other two Mindanao pilots this morning and enjoyed discussing some flight program things and laying out plans for the next few weeks. We are incredibly blessed to work with a group of people we enjoy as people and who are passionate about following Jesus!

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