Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's Monday morning. Garry headed out to the airport this morning to do a 100-hour inspection on the airplane with the other two pilots. I think he's quite happy to get away from the computer and get his hands dirty for a few days!

After badminton yesterday Kevin's back started spasming, so he is taking it easy today. Likely his back issues have more to do with his long motorcycle ride than with badminton. I think he's probably listening to music and putting some pictures in his scrapbook. Kaleb was busy making a Star Wars Lego set when I left home, but that was while ago.

I am once more drinking good coffee and working on some office stuff. I had great plans of getting really caught up over school break... break is half gone and I'm not half done with what I wanted to do. But then again, sometimes things go more quickly than expected! (Don't ask my guys how long it's been since I under-planned a day.)

This morning started out rather interestingly as I got out the ingredients to make bread. Our cake yesterday tasted sort of "off" so I checked my flour. It reeked of mildew or some other such yuk! I was particularly disappointed since I bought 8 kg of this flour in the city last time we were there since the flour in town has consistently been quite full of bugs. My helper went to check in town where she says the flour is usually good, but unfortunately they're out of stock. No baking today!

The dog has been rather lethargic lately and Kaleb has been saying she has a lot of ticks. She has more than a lot! So many that I decided to get something stronger than the Frontline we bought last week. Unfortunately the two vets in town are both unavailable today. We'll see when they are back to work again.

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