Friday, July 01, 2011

Saturday morning, and a pretty unproductive one at that! I was hoping to clean up a bunch of office stuff this morning, but it didn't happen. Not that I didn't sit down at my computer this morning, because I did. But we have a glitch in our travel arrangements and I think my mind isn't working very well. All in all, maybe I should have just baked some cookies... which is what I did yesterday afternoon to get away from the office:).

The guys were busy working on the car when I left home. They changed the oil then tried to fix the back where someone ran into us a while ago. I'm looking forward to finding out whether they were able to do anything with it or not. Now Garry texted to say they were helping Joel with something for a little while. And since it's nearly noon I guess I should go find some lunch.

Kaleb is working on Lego stop-motion animation and is doing a great job with it. This morning he was reading about special effects.. laundry soap for snow, crinkling cellophane for some special sound, and finding sound clips online for some sounds. Pretty complicated, this simple animation is. It makes you appreciate all the work that goes into those minute-long clips on youtube. Which is like so many things in life-- until you try doing it yourself you really have no idea what the next person has invested in something.

Kody, our dog, is still full of ticks, even after getting a vet to come treat her. I think we need something a bit stronger. We'll try something else on Monday:).

We took Kevin to the chiropractor on Wednesday, and he is doing much better now. I guess he really got his back out of alignment. He started running again on Thursday and seems to be doing really well. Friday he had a chance to go to the hangar and help on the inspection, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Garry and the guys are headed back to the hangar to do a little more work on the airplane on Monday, so Garry gets another day away from him computer!

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