Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Tuesday afternoon and I'm enjoying my last "free week" before school starts. Actually, "free" ends on Thursday morning when our regional conference begins, but no school until Monday! I have loved these weeks off school. I've caught up on some stuff in the office and have enjoyed just doing some fun stuff with the boys... nothing extraordinary, but scrapbooking, checking out Kaleb's Lego animation, and doing some extra stuff around the house together has been enjoyable.

I've been wondering why it's been so nice to be off school. And I realized it's been over 4 years since we had a month long break except when we were moving... and yes, we're going on a trip, but this one is short and simple compared to some of the other work trips we've taken over the past years! We took some time off last Christmas also, but it was different because the focus was the Christmas season. Over the past month I've spent hours in my office and caught up on so many things that I usually try to squeeze into tiny amounts of time. I've also spent quite a bit of time with some of my friends, which has been really fun. And I've been able to do some extra cooking and cleaning projects that I've been wanting to do "one day".

The other silly thing is that even after a month and getting so much done and relaxing I can still feel stressed. The things I didn't get done can grab my attention. My expectations can be even bigger than my hours or my energy, even without school. Yet God's grace and joy are evident. I feel Him here, and it is easier to hear His voice when I have a bit more time to reflect and focus and read and worship.

So, since break is what I'm thinking about, that's all I'm blogging today:) Have a wonderful day!


Netie Loewen said...

Have a wonderful day. I know what you mean by feeling God´s presence when we sit and "be still". May His peace encompass you and help you through your many obligations! Have a great break and time of relaxation.

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

Thanks so much! Yes, it is amazing how God's presence surrounds us when we take time to "listen". Miss you, friend! How you guys doing? Email me:).