Friday, July 15, 2011

I guess getting ready to go has occupied my mind and blogging has taken a VERY back seat this week! We had a great week of school and Garry did some flying with the guys and got a lot of office work cleaned up. One of the things I love about traveling is getting everything caught up and leaving with a sense that one thing is done and you're starting on another. We'll see how that works out for this trip... either way, it's a nice thought!

I finally got the photos from my phone, and I just love this one of Bailey and her baby, who's no longer a baby! We are so blessed to have teammates that we are good friends with-- this week I went to Bailey's to do some bookkeeping with her and Missy and we just had fun. And good coffee and torte:). Thanks, Bailey!

Kevin is out on a motorcycle ride today, which is quite an answer to prayer. He's been wanting to get in one more ride before we go, and it looked like it wasn't going to happen. But this morning he got a text that the guys were ready for a short ride!

Kaleb is running around town with Garry, doing some errands. While he isn't that fond of doing errands, he loves the time with his dad.


Patrick said...

Glad to hear Kevin got that extra ride in. Good to have friends to share time with. Kaleb spending time with his dad brought back memories of my dad who is now home with Jesus.

Bailey Pruett said...

Ha! You're welcome! Always nice to spend time with you, even it is centered around bookkeeping! We are sure going to miss you around here...can you hurry up and leave so you can hurry up and come back?!