Friday, September 30, 2011

Garry did, in fact, make it home yesterday morning! He had quite a crazy trip, so it's especially nice to have him home again. In the end, though, he was able to accomplish the things he went to Manila and northern Luzon to do. His license will still take a little while to come through, but now it's hopefully just a matter of time.

I drove up to meet him... a LONG drive at the moment because the road is so torn up. The boys stayed home and kept themselves busy riding bikes, cooking supper for us, and making some new things for their trials biking course. In fact, they even tidied up the house before we got home! Way to go, guys!

This morning we're preparing a space for a new puppy. He's a cute little guy and I'm sure he'll be a fun addition to our family:).

Another typhoon is supposed to hit the Philippines today. I think this one isn't supposed to be as bad, but coming so soon after the last one, it feels pretty major. The typhoons don't really affect us where we live in the mountains, but they can shut down a lot of the country.

We're looking forward to Mexican Night with Joel & Missy and Brian & Bailey this evening! Joel & Missy invited us all over to their place, and we'll each make something to add to dinner. It should be tons of fun, and yummy food!

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